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We realize that honesty and trust are very important factors when choosing someone to handle your tax issues. To better solidify your decision in choosing us, we have provided some comments from a few of our clients. If you would like to speak with a few over the phone to further help with your decision, we have several clients who would love to talk to you about their experiences with us.

Over the course of several years my husband and I accrued a substantial amount of tax debt, nearly $40,000. We had no idea how we would ever get it paid off with all the penalties and interest it was accruing. Then we found out about Wendy Baker! She has been such a blessing and has worked so hard to get our debt reduced and I can happily say that she got our offer of $500 accepted! I am so thankful that she has helped us move past this financial burden and would recommend her to anyone with the same troubles!
Stormy Ashdown, Arkansas

“Wendy Baker is the Real Deal!!  The instant I spoke with her, the stress of this awful IRS situation disappeared.  I trusted her to take care of it – and she did!!  The IRS had just put a lien on me for the $40,000 I owed them.  I was freaking out thinking of all the ways in which the IRS could crush me.  I could barely breathe or collect my thoughts.

Wendy stepped in, worked her Mama Bird magic, and the IRS accepted our offer of $461.40 – that’s about **1%** of the original amount!!! What she did for me financially was amazing, but what she did for my peace of mind was priceless.

She is my new benchmark for sincerity, authenticity, professionalism, and financial acumen.  I will be working with her forever!”

L. – Patterson, Colorado

My situation was very taxing! Sleepless nights and worry filled days. I had paid one of the big name firms a lot of money for no results. I knew I had to do something and decided to try someone local. Luckily for me, I picked Mama Bird from the phone book, the name was oddly comforting, and made an appointment.
Wendy gave me understanding and hope, so I signed up and trusted her to fix it. She stopped all the collection maneuvers immediately, and even allowed me to pay her monthly so I could return to a somewhat normal life.
Sure enough, Wendy knew what to DO and what to SAY to the IRS to resolve my taxing situation. My tax debt is cleared and my future is bright because of her expertise. I can never thank her enough, so I hope this testimonial helps convince a new client or two!
Mark – Colorado

I highly recommend  Wendy Baker and her team at Mama Bird Tax Resolution. She worked miracles for me and my mess. I am beyond grateful for her knowledgeable assistance, patience, and steady and calming presence through what has been one of the most stressful situations in my life. I am a forever client. Thank you SOO much!!!


N.W. – Colorado

You put it off for a day, a week, a month and a year and before you know it; it seems insurmountable. That’s exactly what happened to me and it can happen to anyone. Finally I made the call to one of the nationally advertised companies that said they could solve my tax problems, stop the wage garnishment immediately and have me back on the good side of the IRS.

I sent them the money that they asked for and from there all they did was write up some returns and ask me to get this that and the other document. I had to talk to three different people about my case and it seemed like they never talked to each other. I send document after document but they never stopped the garnishment or fixed a thing.

When it got to the tipping point and I was looking at the IRS preparing to take more than just money from me I was contacted by Wendy. Wendy said she could handle the issue and get me out of the giant hole I dug for myself.

After being lied to by the other company I was leery but Wendy said she would not take a dime until she got the garnishment stopped to prove she was there for me and not the check I sent. She promised to fix the trouble I got myself into on my behalf. SHE DID EXACTLY THAT!

Wendy asked me to get one document and handled everything else. She called regularly to keep me in the loop and I never had a second’s concern that she wasn’t on top of everything. She got taxes filled and the garnishment stopped. She got me a settlement that cost me nothing. I could ramble on here forever but let me say this….Wendy will be doing my taxes for as long as she is in business and I have recommended her to everyone I know including all my family.

If you want someone to just do your tax work there’s all sorts of people out there but if you want someone to do it and care about you in the process then there is no one better than Wendy. Wendy is a phenomenal tax preparer and a wonderful person. I now look at my past tax issues like this….they allowed me to meet Wendy.

Darren W. Longmore

I have been working with Wendy Baker for at least 4 years now, and couldn’t be happier. She has reduced my debt from 750k down to 150k, and she is not finished. She has diligently worked with me, and always stays on top of my situation to make sure we don’t miss an opportunity to make a move. She has restored my ability to sleep at night, and always knows what to say, and do when a situation arises. She has also done all this without hitting me up for more payments every month. She is extremely honest, and really cares about what happens to her clients. It’s been a joy working with her, and would suggest her services to anybody looking for tax relief. I will keep her in charge of all my finances, even after she has fixed my tax situation, simply for the piece of mind she gives me. I also believe she knows more about this process then anyone I have ever talked to in the past. Wendy Baker is amazing!!!

Jason Thoelke, Arkansas

I really don’t know what I would have done without Wendy Baker, this woman went out of her way to help me . The IRS was wanting to seize my Business and I was doing everything in the world to try and satisfy them but my Business was hit really bad from the BP OIL spill and Wendy helped me get through it I owed $300.000.00 with all the penalties they added to the balance the penalties was more than the balances and Wendy has worked with them and presented an offering compromise and I’m pretty sure that they will except it . All I can say is thank god for finding u Wendy cause I don’t know what I would have done without u I can’t say enough about this woman because u will never find a person left on earth that will go through thick and thin to help you like she has done I mean this woman made so many phone calls and went through so much red tape to get me through it was unreal. Thanks Wendy Baker

Karl Adams Jr, Louisiana

In 2011 I had the pleasure of working with Wendy Baker regarding my business tax issues. From the first phone call I knew I had the right person on my side. Of course I was very nervous about having to deal with the IRS, but Wendy assured me everything would be fine. She has been there for me every step of the way. Anytime I call or email her she gets right back to me with answers or solutions. I can not say enough for the help and comforting Wendy has given me. She made it much easier to breath again. I can still call and she is willing to help me. I HIGHLY recommended Wendy Baker to ANYONE that has any tax issues they need resolved. Thank you Wendy for giving me back my peace of mind.


I cannot thank Wendy Baker enough for giving me peace of mind when I needed it most. I was going through some really bad times lost my health, my job, my husband, in danger of losing my home and on top of that I had a huge tax debt looming over my head. I would never have been able to tackle the IRS on my own. Not only did Wendy help me settle my debt but she stayed on top of it and went out of her way to make sure it was as painless for me as possible. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate and goes out of her way to help. I would highly recommend Wendy and her team to anyone needing this service.

Rachel Hester, Colorado

We strongly recommend Wendy Baker, tax consultant. We have used her for the last four years as our tax consultant and have been very pleased. Not only did she prepare our tax reports in a timely manner, but also was very efficient in contacting us by e-mail or phone for any additional information. The charges for her services were very reasonable. We did have a very serious indebtedness to the IRS that we asked her to handle. She did an outstanding job in getting the over $20,000 indebtedness to be resolved for just $100. We very highly recommend Wendy Baker.

James R Bede, Ohio

To all you taxpayers out there: Wendy has been doing our taxes for two years now. It’s sad to say but we got into a mess with the IRS and this is how we became acquainted with Wendy. We refer to Wendy as the pitbull of tax preparers. She is not only efficient in every way, she’s also one step ahead of most. We were into foster care for children therefore, Wendy had to know the allowances and what was aloud regarding deductions. She didn’t have all the answers but knew how to find them. We are so lucky to have found her and we continue to use her even though we do not live in the same state. She’s quick to respond via e-mail to any questions we have. She returns phone calls promptly, which we could not get our local tax preparer to do. We could not be more pleased with her services and hope you will see for yourself what a great job she does.

The Miller family, Arizona

I had some IRS taxes from some investments when I cashed in some of my IRA early.  Due to this unexpected tax liability I was unable to pay it off in the same year I filed my taxes. I tried to work with the IRS, however they kept adding interest, penalties and other late fees to where it became insurmountable for me to pay it.  I continued to work with the IRS and was accepted into their payment plan program, however the interest, penalties and late fees meant that I would be paying for the rest of my life. Wendy Baker of Mama Bird Tax Resolution and I consulted as to what would be the best approach to resolve this tax liability. Wendy suggested an offer in compromise and it was written and presented to the IRS.  After their review and knowing that I was living on Social Security, they accepted the offer of $250. The IRS had accessed me over $52,000 in total taxes, interest, penalties and late fees. Wendy knows how to review your situation and to offer a solution that brings closure to having the IRS keeping you up at night wondering what they will do next. I would recommend Mama Bird for their very personal and professional manner that they handle your tax matters. Thank you Wendy and the Mama Bird Team.

James H,  Arizona

My husband and I were at the end of our rope in terms of owing money to the IRS and having liens on our accounts for back taxes. We were in a state of constant stress. However, Wendy was on our case the very first day we contacted her. She efficiently and effectively guided us through what we needed to do with the IRS.  She realized our funds were tight and worked out a more than fair payment plan. Wendy literally took care of everything – we only needed to sign forms every once in a while and wait for the good news – which we just got – our Offer in Compromise was accepted! She is truly like an angel who not only helped us out of a very bad situation, but also did it with professionalism and compassion. We cannot recommend her highly enough!

M.B. Boulder, Colorado

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